Have you pampered yourself today?

AA1 Massage is a one-stop full service massage parlor managed by licensed massage therapists. We provide a calm, relaxing and serene environment that offers relief from a hard day's stress and can even be a part of your evening entertainment. Our massage therapists work magic with their fingers making you feel rested and pampered! We specialize in oriental massage which offers great health benefits such as alleviating back and joint pain, reducing cramping and spasms and promoting healty skin. Apart from physical relaxation, oriental massage also provides long-term mental relief such as lowering anxiety and stress and thereby an overall sound mind.

Our professionals are licensed to provide all types of massage including chair massage, swedish massage, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, herbal massage and reflexology. So come on over....relax, unwind and let us pamper you! Call ahead at (407) 622-8896 to book an appointment or simply walk-in.